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Landlord Tenant Residential Lease Agreements

Landlord Tenant Residential Lease Agreements.

Here are some of the types of considerations that are normally in a well drafted Residential Lease Agreement. Unfortunately, many Landlords simply download "something simple" from the Web. The form is a couple of pages long, the Tenant signs it. You're done! What could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot.

Here are some of the types of language that I normally put into a Residential Lease Agreement. Each of these topics has several sections. If you are missing some of these considerations, your lease agreement has some holes in it. That can cost you a lot of money down the line when you try to uphold the agreement in court.

I: Lease Contract Details: including parties, rental term, property description.

II: Payments: Rent prorations, payment method, utilities, late fees and dishonored checks, security deposit.

III: Property Policies and Procedures: Move-in conditions, moving out terms and conditions, use of the premises limitations, occupancy, prohibited conduct.

IV: Maintenance Issues: Maintenance, repairs and equipment malfunctions, mold, pest control.

V: Community Rules and Regulations: Parking, Pets, Antenna and Satellite Dishes, Use of Common Areas, Sub-leases and roommate change restrictions, tenant rental insurance.

VI: General Conditions: Casualty, condemnation or eminent domain, crime and security issues, re-entry, premises surrender or abandonment, notice to quit, holding over month-to-month, remedies for tenant breach, liquidated damages, attorney fees, lease enforce ability, fair housing standards, asbestos, hostile behavior and communications, severability, non-waiver provisions, joint and several liability, binding effect.

VII. Signatures

Some of these categories might not be important for some leases, and there are certainly a significant number of things that might pertain to some leases but not others: ex. watering and yard maintenance, trees and shrubbery, garage use and storage, car repairs on the premises, trash and pickup, snow removal, windows and siding, general maintenance.

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