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An Introductory Video from my Youtube Channel about partnerships!

And here is the full version of my partnership lecture including:

1. Partnership Formation.

2. Problems With Partners – A Business Prenup

a. Issues with death - probate of your partner's interest, disability of a partner, divorce and creditor claims against a partner where the creditor/divorce court now wants to force a sale and division of the business assets.

3. Partnerships and LLCs - What are the advantages of LLCs as a business structure?

4. Joint Venture Agreements vs. LLC as a partnership structure

a.Joint Venture Structure

b. LLC structure - why would I choose either one?

5. Management Provisions - who does what in the partnership.

6. Buy-Sell Agreements - why they are necessary.

7.  Valuation methods: how are assets to be valued on dissolution? Should future value be included?

8. Securities Law Issues - What about raising money from a silent partner? What about family members putting money into a partnership venture?

a. When are federal securities regulations triggered?

b. What happens if securities laws are ignored?

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